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Consortium Auction

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The consortium has a guaranteed buy back option for members , should this occur where a member sells back his/her share the share is auctioned off to the public. On this page you may bid on a share , the highest price will be successful and there is no reserve on the price.

Click Here To Download the standard agreement in order for you to familiarize yourself with the dynamics of the consortium. There is no obligation when downloading the document

Please note that should you place a bid your E-Mail details will be visible to the public in order to keep the bidding process legitimate.

The bidding remains open for 72 hours after which the highest bid is successful.

A Bid can only be placed in incraments of R200.00

Bid closes at 2009-02-06 5pm

Current Bid

Name denean Strydom
Bid Amount R5300.00

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